Connecting Visionaries To Serve Humanity

We connect you with like-minded visionaries from our exclusive, invite-only network.


The BrEpic Network of world-changing visionaries

BrEpic Network is a yearly membership program designed exclusively for visionaries ready to change the world.

Not just their world. THE world.

We gather monthly to dive deep into the 12 facets of building a Free Flow Life and Free Flow Office with expert consultants Justin Breen and Mark Fujiwara.

Meet The Founders

Justin Breen – Co-founder

Justin Breen leads the networking initiative for BrEpic Network. He’s built an international network of extraordinary people, because he strongly believes in the power of introductions and the importance of creating relationships through networking.

Mark Fujiwara – Co-founder

Mark Fujiwara plans and creates our membership content each month. He works in values-first financial planning and wealth management, because he’s devoted to helping people engage in greater alignment and genuine flow.

It’s time to take things to the next level.

Discover the BrEpic Network difference today!

Network membership is $15,000 USD / annual

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